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Long story short, Rebecca is an awesome agent. Helped me capture the right selling time window and obviously the property went for a good price. She has great knowledge in the somerville seller’s market and equipped with local resources like cleaning, construction service and junk removal. Fast and efficient, completely worry free. In addition, Rebecca did a fantastic job with handling bidding competition situation.

This is my 2nd time working with Rebecca and she never failed to impress me. Aside from being experienced in her field, she’s also very professional. Before this deal she also helped me secure a property with a more than reasonable asking price. Rebecca helped me to negotiate for a price and terms that I would not imagine. Unfortunately the sellers changed their mind since another buyer offered 6% more than the price agreed to sell to us...

And with my latest purchase, my offer was accepted despite having 8 offers and 3 of them are higher than mine. Our offer was accepted because of how professional Rebecca dealt with the listing agent. It’s worthy to point out that the price she negotiated for me is the comparable lowest for the available properties on the market! The appraisal report indicated that the property is 2% higher in value than my purchase price, and 3% cheaper than the sold price of another unit in the same condominium complex. She has multiple clients and some of them are far more capable to afford higher value properties than myself. Yet, she treats me no different than her higher value clients. She applied the same level of quality time, experience, strategic skills, and efforts regardless of the value of the properties and serviced her clients indifferently.

I had been looking to buy since March 2023 and for nine months Rebecca spent her time and effort educating me on my choices and options. For each offer that I had made she always negotiated to get the best possible deal for me. This is the second time Twice she helped me with very satisfied end results for my two investment properties. She has always facilitated communication among all the parties and made closing timely and smoothly. She also never afraid to fights to protect our best interest! Rebecca Zeng will always be my go-to with anything about real estate. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help from a professional and exceptional real estate agent.

Lewanna Li - Zillow